Friday, January 15, 2010

~ Frosting Friday ~

Today's Frosting Friday features a very special cake from the wedding of Carissa & Brian and I feel so lucky to be able to share it with you! For those of you who don't know Carissa, I suggest you find a way to meet her ASAP! Aside from being an amazingly talented floral & event designer (learn more about Carissa’s company JL Designs here), she is one of the sweetest, most thoughtful people I know and a great friend!

Carissa & Brian’s cake came to life by the fabulous Amy Berman, Co-Owner & Executive Pastry Chef of Vanilla Bake Shop and another wonderfully talented wedding professional. Seriously, if you like dessert and you haven't been to Vanilla Bake Shop then you are missing out. My personal favorite cupcakes, Key Lime and Meyer Lemon, are available on Tuesdays and Saturdays, but really all of their flavors are amazing and I haven't tried anything that Amy has made that I didn't like!

Now, onto the cake! Here are all the details in Carissa’s words:

“ahhhhhh, the cake...this cake was COMPLETELY designed by my husband brian...being an architect, he wanted to come up with something really structural, geometric and he did a full 360 degree mockup in some architecture computer program of his and gave it to amy over at vanilla bakeshop...she re-created it and added on the white coral and green succulents i gave her a couple days before the wedding...

i designed the clear acrylic cake podium and cake stand and had them both custom made...we filled the podium with white crushed glass and sand blasted manzanita branches with green succulents attached...then we filled the cake stand with white crushed glass and white coral...”

Many Thanks to Carissa, Brian and Amy for creating this fantastic cake!

photos courtesy of Jasmine Star

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yay!!!! thanks love!!! xoxo, c