Monday, April 26, 2010

Bella Blooms

Seems that here in Los Angeles the weather keeps trying to fool us about Spring and the upcoming summer wedding season. Last night as we left the birthday celebration of one of our amazing assistants we were blasted with an unseasonably cool night. As I start doing prayers and chants to improve the weather for our upcoming weddings, thought nothing could get me more in the mood than with another iconic Spring flower. Lilac, how I love thee! I just wish I had a great place to plant you so that I could enjoy you in my own personal floral haven, and wish you lasted longer than a few short weeks!

Lilac bouquet courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings

Lilac images courtesy of Hidden Gardens

Bouquet image courtesy of Brenda's Wedding Planning Blog

Be sure to check out some great tips on enjoying lilac to it's fullest from Tik Tock Couture Flower blog here.

Check out Amy from the Hidden Garden's behind the scenes visit to a local lilac farm on her blog here.

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