Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Gallery of Ideas from the Special Event Luncheon

Susan and I are always excited when we get the opportunity to check out innovative and of over the top ideas for event design. The Gallery at the Wedding Luncheon was no exception.
I have to start with our fun pictures with our fabulous PR person Leila Khalil of Be Inspired PR. I don't think we were supposed to use the room designs as a backdrop for our pictures, but we decided to test our luck. (huge thanks to Trisha for her amazing photography)And now one that we could actually use for something besides Facebook :-)
The Gallery was amazing! An entire room dedicated to beautiful cakes...but we couldn't taste any of them. Doesn't everyone know that taste is just as important as the look, maybe even more so if you ask Susan??
The table and room designs were over the top! The attention to every detail created the huge WOW factor that they were striving for. We just wanted to sit down at a place setting and join the fun of the celebrations!
The room set up was jaw dropping, and gave us new ideas at every corner we turned. The focus on lounge ideas and decor outside of the traditional florals was great. (Check out all the custom colored floors by Barker Decor.)
And we had to include one shot of some of the models showcasing the latest in bridal designs! I don't think they ate the 3 course meal we had at the luncheon.
We are always excited when our couples come to us with a color palette or feeling that they are trying to create with their weddings and receptions, and events like this give us a huge mental filing cabinet of great ideas to pull from.
Many thanks to the 100's of people that were required to put together the luncheon and galleries!
Love, the Bella Girls

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