Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Special Event - San Diego

There was just so much to see and do while we were down in San Diego for the Special Event conference. This is the last post...and I hope you all find this as interesting as Susan and I did.

The break out sessions encompassed a little bit of everything, from wedding disasters and ideas for our emergency kits, everything about linens, to an etiquette discussion by Peggy Post of the Emily Post institute.

What a way to start the day with Masters of Disasters - Wedding Emergencies Solved. We can only hope that we never have to encounter any of the topics that we discussed! As usual we are always looking for new items to add to our emergency kits and boy did we get some out of the boxes suggestions. It is better to be prepared for the worst, and to never have to encounter it!

Susan and I are always referring to our Emily Post etiquette books, so we were really really looking forward to the session by Peggy Post. One thing I found myself writing over and over, Emily Post created her guide of etiquette as a code of behavior to assist us in social situations, with the hope that no one is embarrassed because of a faux pas. She never started with the idea to create a black and white rules. While we are fans of many of the modifications such as the creation of a RSVP card rather than the original formal reply that was hand written on personal letterhead.....we can only hope and pray that it never becomes acceptable to include gift registry information in your wedding invitations. gasp the horror! Ladies & gentleman, never never do this. (okay, I will get off my personal soap box)

When the Trade Show opened their doors on Wednesday morning, it was like a stampede to get in and check out all the new ideas, vendor exhibits, and of course taste all the fun samples.

One of the booths that Susan and I enjoyed the most, was that of La Tavola Linen, flowers are from Square Root Floral Design. We weren't able to attend the opening of the LA showroom, but hope to work with them in the near future! One thing we always ask clients to keep in mind, that while there is sometimes a shock value with the cost of linen rental, it is such a personal touch that allows you to emphasize the amazing floral display you have spent many months designing. A beautiful linen can take a simple single color flower arrangement and give it that wow factor that your guests will enjoy looking at through your reception. Think about it in terms of the total centerpiece cost, when you are budgeting for linens.

I know that there are many many more things I could write about from the Special Event show, but I must call it an end here.
All I can say is what a wonderful experience, I hope we are able to attend next year as well.

Signing off, The Bella Girls!

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