Wednesday, April 7, 2010

~ Frosting Wednesday ~

We are changing things around on the Bella Blog this week and today we have a special "Frosting Wednesday" post so that we can share some urgent information. Sadly, last week the Cakegirls shop and bakery in Chicago was destroyed by a fire and everything was lost. Many of you may be familiar with the Cakegirls from their appearances on Amazing Wedding Cakes and from seeing their work featured in a variety of wedding related publications. They are definitely leaders in the wedding cake industry!

So you may be asking, how can you help? Well, the Cakegirls are selling t-shirts to help their employees "bridge the gap" while they rebuild - click here to purchase the t-shirt.

And of course we can't have a post without some of my favorite Cakegirls designs!

photos courtesy of The Cake Girls via Modern Romance

photo courtesy of The Cake Girls via JuBella

photo courtesy of The Cake Girls via Instyle Weddings

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Mr Frostings said...

A really nice post about a great group of Cake Designers. We feel so bad for them. Hopefully great things will be built on the ashes of this disaster.